Map-Related Considerations When Converting Trading Partner Data

You must convert all maps (except Windows maps) used with the trading partner data you converted, according to the appropriate map conversion procedures, and then check them in to Sterling B2B Integrator. The map conversion procedures detail the necessary tasks.

The trading partner conversion utilities do not convert Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) map data. After converting trading partner data and importing the .xml file into Sterling B2B Integrator, open each transaction envelope definition created by the conversion (for example, ST or UNH envelopes) in Sterling B2B Integrator and change the selection for the Compliance Map so that it references the correct map.

Note: Maps that will be checked into Sterling B2B Integrator cannot have names containing spaces. If your map names contain spaces you must change the names using one of the following strategies:
  • Before importing the .xml conversion file into Sterling B2B Integrator, change the data by replacing the spaces with underscores.
  • Manually edit the map names in the envelopes in Sterling B2B Integrator after conversion.