Sequence Activity

A sequence activity runs a series of child activities in the order in which it lists them. When a process runs, all of the child activities are run. The sequence activity finishes only after the last child activity is finished.

The following example shows a sequence activity that contains two child activities: Check Inventory and Verify Credit Card. When the process runs, Sterling B2B Integrator runs Check Inventory first and Verify Credit Card second because that is the order in which the activities are listed in the sequence. The name attribute in the sequence element is optional.

<process name="ProcessCustomerOrder">
      <operation name='Check Inventory'>
         <participant name='InventoryService' />
         <output message='checkStockRequest'>
            <assign to='ISBN'>1-56592-488-6</assign>
         <input message name='checkStockResponse'>
            <assign to='foundBook' from='InStock' />
<operation name='Verify Credit Card'> </operation>