All Activity

The all activity contains two or more complex child activities and runs all of them simultaneously. The all activity finishes only after the child activities are finished.

The following example contains three child activity sequences: Seq_1, Seq_2, and Seq_3. Sterling B2B Integrator begins these sequences at the same time—that is, the first operations in the sequences (operations A, C, and E) start simultaneously. The sequences continue to run independently until the last operation in each is completed. The all activity finishes when all three child activity sequences finish.

   <sequence name='Seq_1'>
      <operation name='A'> … </operation>
      <operation name='B'> … </operation>

   <sequence name='Seq_2'>
      <operation name='C'> … </operation>
      <operation name='D'> … </operation>

   <sequence name='Seq_3'>
      <operation name='E'> … </operation>
      <operation name='F'> … </operation>
      <operation name='G'> … </operation>