What's new in

This topic provides the new features and enhancements that are introduced in this release.

New features

Following new features are introduced in this release:
  • Sterling B2B Integrator certified containers now support the following:
    • configuring IP source ranges for load balancer services
    • adding labels to all job pods
    • log volume mapping for DB setup job
    For details, see Configuring the Certified Container.

Stack updates

Note: This fix pack also includes security fixes and stack upgrades from release 6114.
New security fixes and following stack upgrades are introduced in this release:
  • Cassandra - 4.0.10
  • Commons-fileupload jar - 1.5
  • Maverick jar - 1.7.51
  • Netty - 4.1.86
  • Reaper - 3.3.1
  • Websphere Liberty Core -
  • Zookeeper - 3.8.1
For more information, see Software Product Compatibility Report.