What's new in

This topic provides the new features and enhancements that are introduced in this release.

New features

Following new features are introduced in this release:
  • The Sterling B2B Integrator now enables you to perform secure network communication with SAP Server using the SAP Jco3.X adapter. For more information, see Configuring SAP Secure Network Communication (SNC).
  • Native PGP Enhancements:
    • When you configure the Masterkey, the most recent Subkey from the key ring is used for signing and encryption.
    • When creating a Community, you can now choose any PGP server profile.
    • When creating a Community, selecting the Do you want to choose any specific key for decryption? option allows you to select a specific key from the profile. When you deselect the option, the key will be selected from the key rings available in the PGP secret key maps. For more information, see Creating a Community.
    • When configuring the trading partner profile, you can now select a Subkey based on the Masterkey. Either Masterkey or Subkey can be chosen. For more information, see Creating a Sterling File Gateway partner.
  • Certified Container Enhancements in Sterling B2B Integrator:
    1. A set of new configurations have been added to the Helm charts as follows:
      For more information on configuring the above properties in Helm configuration, see Configuring the Certified Container.
    2. Out of the box utilities such as yum, vi, tar, netstat, zip, ping, and lsof are now available in the Sterling B2B Integrator and Sterling File Gateway containers.
  • The XML Digital Signature service now supports StAX for signing large XML documents. For more information, see XML Digital Signature Service.
  • AWS S3 client service now allows temporary IAM role credentials for the business process services. For more information, see Amazon Web Service Simple Storage Service.
  • myFileGateway supports Danish & Norwegian languages.

Stack updates

Note: This fix pack also includes security fixes and stack upgrades from releases 6038 and 6113.
New security fixes and following stack upgrades are introduced in this release:
  • IBM® Installation Manager
  • Support for RHEL 9.x
  • Support for AIX 7.3
  • Support for Windows Server 2022
  • Support for POWER10
  • K8s 1.23 - 1.26
  • OCP 4.10.x - 4.12.x
  • Apache MINA core 2.0.23
  • Apache MINA SSHD common 2.9.2
  • Apache XML security 2.3.0
  • Core-io 2.4.1
  • Dojo toolkit 1.17.3
  • Jackson databind 2.14.0
  • Jetty 9.4.47
  • jQuery 3.6.1
  • jQuery UI 1.13.2
  • Liberty Server
  • Spring Security 5.8.0
  • Woodstox core 6.4.0
  • XStream 1.4.20
For more information, see Software Product Compatibility Report.