Setting Up SAPTidCleaner Service

In SAP Suite adapter (for JCo 2.x), you have to configure a parameter in each adapter instance to delete entries in the SAP_TID table. In SAP suite adapter for JCo 3.x, the SapTidCleaner service controls the number of entries in the SAP_TID table for all adapter instances.

The SapTidCleaner Service is a supplementary service for the SAP Suite Adapter for JCo 3.x and is automatically invoked by a scheduled business process, Schedule_SAPTidCleaner.

Enable the following preconfigured instances in Sterling B2B Integrator:
  • SAPTidCleanerInstance service
  • Schedule_SAPTidCleaner business process

For more information about setting up the SapTidCleaner service and Schedule_SAPTidCleaner business process, see 'SapTidCleaner Service' document.

You can specify the frequency of the system invoking the business process. If you do not want to use the default value of 30 for the “DeleteTIDAfterDays” parameter, you can configure the intended value as “Name/Value” pair in the schedule. Use “DeleteTIDAfterDays” as Name and the number of days after which old TID entries should be removed from the table as Value.