Inbound and Outbound IDoc Processing Preconditions

The inbound and outbound IDoc examples in the following sections focus only on the SAP Suite adapter for JCo 3.x configuration and the SAP inbound and outbound business processes for sending and receiving IDocs.

To use the SAP inbound and outbound business processes to process EDI files, you need to perform the following additional steps:
  1. Create maps that translate EDI to IDoc format (inbound processing) and IDoc format to EDI (outbound processing).
  2. Create a business process for sending the translated IDoc to EDI file to the trading partner (outbound processing).
  3. Define inbound and outbound EDI envelopes based on the EDI type (such as EDIFACT and X12) and:
    • Specify the translation maps for inbound and outbound processing .
    • Specify the SAP inbound business process for sending IDocs to SAP, and the business process for sending translated IDoc to EDI files to the trading partner.
  4. Configure SAP inbound and outbound routes for the inbound and outbound IDocs.
  5. Configure SAP inbound and outbound cross-references to tie the SAP inbound route and SAP outbound route to the appropriate trading partner EDI envelopes.