You must use the latest version of the driver for the database that you select during the installation.

Note: For instance: If you use DB2 as the database and encounter java.lang.AbstractMethodError exception when you try to access the myFileGateway 2.0 application, it implies that you need to upgrade the DB drivers to the latest version. You must provide the latest db2jcc4.jar during the Sterling B2B Integrator installation.
Follow these steps to add the latest version of DB2 driver:
  1. Stop Sterling B2B Integrator.
  2. Navigate to the /install/properties directory and back up the dynamicclasspath.cfg,, and sandbox.cfg files.
  3. Download the db2jcc4.jar file and navigate to the /install/dbjar/jdbc/DB2 directory and copy the JDBC driver jar db2jcc4.jar into this directory.
  4. Navigate to the /install/properties directory and open the and sandbox.cfg files. Search for all entries pointing to the db2jcc4.jar file. Remove the previous versions of the jar file from all the directories and replace it with the new version of the db2jcc4.jar file.

    If B2BAPIs are installed, then database jars are copied to Install_dir>/liberty/wlp/usr/servers/SIServer/apps/APIjarsLib/. Remove the old jar and replace it with new version jar file.

  5. Run ./ or setupfiles.cmd.
  6. Restart Sterling B2B Integrator.
  7. Run or dump_info.cmd from the /install/bin directory to verify the version of the DB2 JDBC driver in use.