Enabling VEU management to process payment details

In Sterling B2B Integrator, to extract the payment details from the EBICS payment orders, the partner order types need to be configured for a post process business process.

Before the partner order types can be configured for the post process Business Process (post BP), the following must be completed in Sterling B2B Integrator:

  1. Create a JavaTask service or Translation service which will translate or extract the order data which comes as input into an EBICS Payment Detail xml file.
  2. Replace this service with the sample service present in the EBICSPaymentDetail business process.
  3. Save the version of the EBICSPaymentDetail business process.
The sample post process BP - EBICSPaymentDetail calls two services:
  • SampleEBICSPainTransformService
  • EBICSAddPaymentDetailService
  1. SampleEBICSPainTransformService:

    This service is responsible to read the payload and form an XML as output.

    <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
            <AccountNumber Role="Originator" 
            <BankCode Role="Originator" Prefix="DE" 
            <AccountHolder Role="Originator">Ophelia Originator</AccountHolder>
            <AccountNumber Role="Recipient" 
            <BankCode Role="Recipient" Prefix="DE" 
            <AccountHolder Role="Recipient">Ray Recipient</AccountHolder>
          <Amount isCredit="false" Currency="EUR">6543.14</Amount>
          <Description Type="details">Nostro</Description>
  2. EBICSAddPaymentDetailService

    The output from SampleEBICSPainTransformService is taken as input, and the data from it is stored in the EB_TRX_DETAIL table.

Configuring a partner order type for post BP processing :

  1. From the Administration Menu, go to EBICS > Subscription Manager > Offer Manager > Contract Configuration.
  2. Select the Bank ID (Host ID) and Offer Name.
  3. Click Go.
  4. Click edit in the row for the contract you need to modify.
  5. From the Partner Order Types page:
    1. Locate the row containing the Order Type and File Format for which Post BP needs to be configured, and click edit in that row.
    2. In the Post BP drop down, select EBICSPaymentDetail.
    3. Click Next.
    4. Repeat as needed for additional Order Types and File Formats.
  6. In the Partner Order Types page, click Next.
  7. Confirm the contract configuration settings and then click Finish.

This enables Sterling B2B Integrator EBICS Server VEU Management to process HVT and HVZ payment details.