Update, Compile, and Redeploy the WAR file in Sterling B2B Integrator

To deploy the Web application in Sterling B2B Integrator, you must update and compile the Web application WAR file, which decompresses during deployment.

To deploy the WAR file in Sterling B2B Integrator:

  1. Access the computer on which Sterling B2B Integrator is installed.
  2. Navigate to /install_dir/install/container/applications directory.
  3. In the Web application root directory, verify that the following directory structure is followed:
    • web.xml (Required)
    • TLD – Directory containing the Tag Library Descriptors (Required)
    • classes – Directory containing the server-side classes, utility classes, and JavaBeans components (Required)
    • lib – Directory containing JAR archive of libraries (tag libraries and utility libraries) (Required)
    • Any miscellaneous subdirectories (Required)
  4. Navigate to /install_dir/install/bin.
  5. Run the Deployer.sh script to deploy all WAR files.