Taking Actions with a Single Business Process Instance

You can restart, resume, stop, expedite, or terminate a single business process instance.

To restart, resume, stop, expedite or terminate a single business process instance:

  1. From the Business Process Monitor, select the Instance ID for the appropriate process.
  2. In the Action field, select Restart, Stop, Expedite, or Terminate, and click Go! The options displayed are the only options available for the selected instance or instances.
    Note: If you want to resume the process, select Restart.
  3. Did you terminate or expedite the process instance?
    • If Yes, when Sterling B2B Integrator prompts you to confirm that you want to terminate or expedite the process, click OK. Skip step 5.
    • If No, proceed to step 5.
  4. Complete one of the following actions:
    • To continue the business process instance from the point at which it stopped, in the Resume area of the page, click Go!
    • To restart the process from the beginning with a new instance ID, in the Simple Restart area, click Go!
    • To process the original document using a different business process model, in the Advanced Restart area, select the business process model you want to use for this new instance and click Go! The system runs the designated default version of the process you selected.

      A new page displays the execution of the selected action. If the business process runs to completion, you are finished. If the resumed or restarted business process stops responding, you must find and correct those errors before the business process can complete.