Document Tracking Functions

All document tracking functions are related to a single document. A service or adapter which has tracking enabled for it works with multiple documents, and it tracks each document separately.

Document tracking provides you with document information that you can use for reporting. This feature also enables you to track documents internodally, through multiple instances of Sterling B2B Integrator. The ability to track a document through its entire life cycle assists you in enabling visible business— thus removing information barriers to encourage a communication flow to exchange information.

The Current Documents page provides the ability to monitor current document processing at a glance from one page. This page displays the most recently processed documents without having to specify any search options. Document status lights (green or red) indicate if there is a problem with a specific document or an entire batch of documents. You also have the ability to search for specific documents, or for documents previously processed.

Throughout a document’s life cycle, there are two major tracking operations that are performed on it:
  • Document Tracking Initialization
  • Tracking Updates