Installing ZooKeeper and Watchdog on the new data center

The fourth step to adding a data center to your existing setup is to install ZooKeeper and Watchdog.

To install ZooKeeper and Watchdog, complete the following steps:

  1. Run the installer to install ZooKeeper and Watchdog on the new data center.

    For more information, see Installing a ZooKeeper node.

  2. Start the ZooKeeper and Watchdog processes on the new data center.

    The new ZooKeeper nodes are joined as followers with the earlier ZooKeeper lead node. However, the existing nodes are not aware of the new nodes yet.

When the installer is run, the IP addresses and ports of the new ZooKeeper nodes in the new data center are added to the through the following properties:<n+1> = <IP address of ZK host 1>:<ZK client port><n+2> = <IP address of ZK host 2>:<ZK client port>

where n is number of ZooKeeper nodes already installed

For example, if the existing data centers have six existing ZooKeeper nodes, the file has entries from to for the existing nodes. If you add three more nodes, properties from to are added to the file.