Replaying EBICS Transactions from the Beginning of a Transfer

Replay successful or failed routes to have one or more files transferred again from the beginning.

To replay a route:

  1. Use either Basic Search or Advanced Search. From the Search Criteria tab, enter the criteria for the file or files you want to replay.
  2. Click Find to initiate the search.
    Note: Once activity is purged, it is no longer available in the system and will not be found in a search that matches the criteria for it. You cannot replay messages that have been purged.
  3. To replay all files matching the search criteria:
    1. Click Replay All.
    2. In the Replay Arrived File pop-up, you can add a comment about the replay. Up to 255 characters are allowed.
    3. In the Replay Arrived File pop-up, click Replay.
    All files matching the search criteria, not just the ones displayed or selected, will be replayed.

    Skip the remaining steps.

  4. To replay only selected files, on the Arrived File tab, select one or more files to replay.

    To select a file, click the check box in the first column to display a check mark.

    To select all files, click the Header check box at the top of the column. All selected files will display a check mark in the first column.

    The Header check box will display one of the following values depending on file selections:
    • Checked - indicates all the files are selected
    • Unchecked - indicates no files are selected
    • Filled - indicates some, but not all, of the files are selected
    If only one file is selected, the Arrived File Events will be displayed and Route and Delivery tabs will be available.
  5. Click Replay. In the Replay Arrived File pop-up:
    1. If only one file was selected, you can enter a new name to rename the file for the replay. Do not use the following characters: !%*?<>"/\|:..
    2. You can add a comment about the replay. Up to 255 characters are allowed.
    3. Click Replay.
The selected files are replayed and added to the list of arrived files, with a special icon to indicate it is a replay. If only a single file was selected for replay, it is replayed when you click Replay. If multiple files were selected for replay, or if you chose Replay All, the files are marked for replay and the actual replay occurs the next time the FileGatewayReroute business process runs. By default, the FileGatewayReroute business process runs every five minutes.

You can replay a route any number of times. When you replay a route, the reviewed box is automatically checked. Right-click and select Mark as Not Reviewed to remove the check.

Note: Once an EBICS transaction is replayed, the replayed activity will not be noted as being an EBICS transaction, because the EBICS translation activity does not take place in the replay.