Basic Search and List Search

You can perform basic standard and list item searches in most pages of the Admin Console that enables entering and saving information.

Basic standard searches and list searches are used throughout the Admin Console interface.

Generally, any page in the Admin Console that enables you to enter and save information, such as a trading profile, service configuration, or user account, also enables you to perform basic standard searches and list item searches for the items you save. Use these searches to find previously saved information that you want to view or modify.

The following figure shows a page in the Admin Console that enables both a standard basic search and a list search:

In this example, the basic search enables you to perform a simple search on the name of a service. The List option enables you to locate a service by listing all the service configurations, filtering your search based on your alphabetical selection, or by listing all the services of a selected type.

Throughout the interface, many list searches provide search options that help narrow down the data to be displayed in the list. Both basic searches and list searches display results in a list. You can select the corresponding item in the list to view or modify the related data.

Some basic searches enable you to enter more information to narrow down the search. The following figure shows a basic search feature that enables you to provide a variety of search parameters to locate a specific service activity record: