Schedules for Reports

You can set up schedules for reports so that they run automatically on hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly intervals. The application does not schedule any reports by default.

Consider these guidelines:

  • The report configuration must exist before you set up the schedule.
  • You can have only one schedule per report configuration.
  • After a scheduled report is generated, it can be stored on your file system or e-mailed (in compressed format) to a recipient. You set up these choices as part of the report schedule.
  • Creating a schedule for a report automatically creates a business process by using the default report name reportname_scheduleBP. The business process for a schedule is listed with other business processes when you select Deployment > Schedules > List > Business Processes.
  • You can also schedule a report through the Report Service, if the report configuration is predefined and you supply the report configuration name and the format of the report.