Back Up Sterling B2B Integrator

You can back up the Sterling B2B Integrator database, installation directory, external resources, and DMZ deployments and resources.

You might find it useful to list and view the following information about currently installed licenses:

To back up Sterling B2B Integrator, perform the following steps:

  1. Back up the database used with Sterling B2B Integrator. Take the following precautions:
    Perform one of the following for your database:
    • Stop Sterling B2B Integrator before backing up the database.
    • Use a database backup tool that allows you to back up the database while it is live. Never attempt to back up a live database otherwise.
  2. Back up the entire Sterling B2B Integrator installation directory, include all files and subdirectories.
    Note: Be sure to include any service configurations that point to directories that are not within the installation directories. These include:
    • Command Line Adapter - install_dir/client/cmdline/CLA2Client.jar
    • Command Line Adapter2 - install_dir/client/cmdline2/CLA2Client.jar
  3. Back up external resources, including any external locations used by any service configurations. For example:
    • Collection/extraction directories for FSA instances
    • Document directory for File System storage
    • Resources such as scripts
  4. If you use perimeter services, perform the following steps:
    1. Back up your file.
    2. For perimeter services in the DMZ, record your installation parameters. You will need them during the restore process. Alternatively, back up the installation directory.
    3. Back up DMZ deployments and resources.