Deleting a Business Process Schedule

You can delete a business process schedule.

  1. In Sterling B2B Integrator, select Deployment > Schedules.

    In Sterling B2B Integrator AS2 Edition, select Administration Menu > Schedules.

  2. Type the name of the schedule in the Search field and click Go!.

    If you do not know the exact schedule name, select Business processes in the List box, and click Go!.

  3. Click Delete next to the schedule you want to delete.

    The Resource Summary screen displays with scheduling data for you to review.

  4. Click Next to continue with the deletion.

    The Confirm screen displays.

  5. Click Delete to confirm that you want to delete the BP schedule.

    The schedule is deleted immediately. Any other business processes associated with this schedule, such as bootstrapped processes, will not process.

  6. Click Return to continue.