Import Service GPM or the Workflow Context

The Import service exercises the same functions as the Import Resources option in the Resource Manager. When you use the Import service, all available resources are imported, and all imported versions are set as the defaults, where applicable.

There is a new parameter when you configure the Import service through the GPM, Keep existing control numbers. The default for this parameter is No, which specifies that the control numbers in the import file will be imported.

If you change the Keep existing control numbers parameter to Yes, then it specifies that for existing envelopes and control numbers, control number values in the import file will not be imported. If a version of an envelope or control number being imported already exists in the system, the import process will overwrite the value specified in the import file with the existing control number value for that envelope or control number.

Note: You can specify whether to keep existing control numbers in through the GPM or BPML, but you cannot alter this parameter through the Sterling B2B Integrator user interface.

As an alternative to changing the value for the Import Service Keep existing control numbers parameter to Yes, you can add the following to the raw BPML workflow context (the workflow context (WFC) represents the business process state after each service has run):

<process name="ImportServiceWithKeepExistingControlNumbers"> 
        <participant name="ImportService"/> 
   	    <output message="Xout">       
				      <assign to="KeepExistingControlNumbers">True</assign> 
          <assign to="." from="*"></assign> 
        <input message="Xin"> 
          <assign to="." from="*"></assign>