CSV File Layout

Your CSV file must conform to the file layout for the BasicCustomerImport map.

Note: Or, using the Map Editor, you can modify the BasicCustomerImport map as necessary so it conforms to your file layout (add map components, delete map components, and so forth). You will then need to compile the map (save it using the same name or modify the name of the translation map that is called by the Basic Customer Import business process) and check it in to Sterling B2B Integrator.

The file layout is as follows:

Note: The appropriate values for the above fields are the same as when you type information in these fields using the Sterling B2B Integrator Trading Partner interface.

An example of data in this format is as follows:

Measle Lane,2nd Floor,Powell,OH,43065,-05,US,roman@romansfloors.com,614-555-1212