Create a BPSS Extension

You can create a BPSS extension to assign one or more business processes to the requesting or responding activities in the schemas.

To create a BPSS extension:
  1. From the Admin menu, select EBXML > BPSS Extension.
  2. Next to Create new BPSS Extension, click Go!
  3. Assign a BPSS Extension Name.
    Use the pull-down to select available values for the following fields:
    Field Description
    CPA Id Collaboration Protocol Agreement ID that has been checked in to Sterling B2B Integrator. Required.
    BPSS Name BPSS specified (as ProcessSpecification) in the selected CPA. Required.
    BPSS Version Available version for the selected BPSS. Required.
    BPSS Extension Name Name for the new extension. Required.
  4. Select a Binary Collaboration and an internal process for all requesting or responding activities. Click Next.
  5. Verify your changes and click Finish to create the extension.
You are now ready to check in a CPA for the BPSS.