You can convert Sterling File Gateway partners and mailboxes to use Global Mailbox. You can create new accounts in Global Mailbox for Sterling B2B Integrator users and mailboxes and use adapters that are enabled for Global Mailbox. You cannot migrate users and mailboxes from one Global Mailbox system to another.

After Global Mailbox is installed and configured, Sterling File Gateway partners can be converted to enable Global Mailbox functionality. After a partner is converted in one data center, export the related resources and import them to the other data centers to take advantage of the features and architecture of Global Mailbox.

To use the features and advantages of Global Mailbox, you can convert the existing Sterling File Gateway partners (producer and consumer) to use Global Mailbox. You can only convert a single partner at a time. A Sterling File Gateway route provisioner, administrator, architect, or operator can convert a partner to use Global Mailbox. The conversion is irreversible. If for any reason you no longer want to use Global Mailbox, you must re-create the partner and routes in Sterling File Gateway.

When you convert the partners to use Global Mailbox, mailboxes that are equivalent to the existing traditional mailboxes are created in the Global Mailbox realm for the partner. User permissions and virtual roots are also created in the Global Mailbox realm. The user accounts associated with a Sterling File Gateway partner remain in Sterling B2B Integrator when the partner is converted to use Global Mailbox. Permissions for the user on certain mailboxes are granted within the Global Mailbox system, but the user account remains within Sterling B2B Integrator.

Traditional mailboxes continue to exist, but are no longer used. You can move the messages in traditional mailboxes to Global Mailbox at the time you convert the partner. After a partner is converted to use Global Mailbox, new messages for that partner are written to the mailboxes in Global Mailbox.

By creating your mailboxes and virtual roots in Global Mailbox, you can gain Global Mailbox advantages while continuing to use your existing Sterling B2B Integrator business processes. If you want to limit partner-facing impact, you may want to re-direct your load balancers to new Global Mailbox enabled adapters. Some downtime would be required while you adjust your adapters, but by re-using the externally facing ports, you may not need to have partners make additional adjustments.