EBICS Client

Using EBICS Client, a partner or a user who is associated with the partner can configure and manage multiple banks, partners, and users. Multiple users can securely transact with multiple banks (EBICS banking servers).

Sterling B2B Integrator, version 5.2.4 and higher includes EBICS Client, a client server application that provides end-to-end EBICS solution for an organization to transact with banks.

EBICS Client provides the following key features:
  • Managing profiles for users and banks
  • Managing certificates and keys for users
  • Submitting orders
  • Viewing events and reports pertaining to orders
  • Viewing and monitoring pending tasks
  • Searching for pending orders at the VEU management store
  • Tracking and recovering transactions
  • Importing and exporting of configuration data pertaining to EBICS users
  • Archiving and purging of transactional data using Sterling B2B Integrator
Note: EBICS Client supports French and German implementation of EBICS version 2.4.2.