At-a-Glance Processing State for All Current Business Processes

The Business Process Usage monitor enables you to review at a glance the number of currently running business processes at each of the state levels listed on the page.

At times you may need only to quickly check whether any current processes are waiting, interrupted or halted, requiring further interaction. For each listed processing state in the Business Process Usage monitor, the page indicates how many processes are currently in that state.

This monitor provides click-through access to more detailed information you may need. When one or more processes are found for a given state, you can click the number to link to a business process monitor page, which lists the processes found for the state you selected. From here, you can select a business process instance ID and review details, as well as restart, resume, stop, expedite or terminate one or more process instances.

Access the Business Process Usage monitor from the Administration menu by selecting Operations > System > Troubleshooter. In the System Status area, click Business Process Usage. You can leave this pop-up window open and refresh it as needed (press F5 on your keyboard) to review the state of your current processes periodically.

The following list describes the state values indicated on the page:

Business process currently running.
Business process halted.
Business process waiting for actions to complete before continuing to run.
Business process waiting for required input or output and will resume after receiving input or sending output.
Business process interrupted manually.
Business process interrupted automatically.