Locating and Identifying Predefined Business Process Models

To review predefined business process models and determine whether they will fulfill your needs, you must open the files for the models and review their components.

To do this, check out the business process and open it in the Graphical Process Modeler, or view the source BPML in the interface. You can open a read-only copy.

To view the source BPML in the interface:

  1. From the Business Process menu, select Manager.
  2. Under List select ALL and click Go!
  3. Click the name of the business process for which you want to view the source , and review the source BPML in the window that displays.

For descriptions of several commonly used predefined business processes, see Commonly Used Predefined Process Models.

Note: The reference information for each service and adapter identifies any predefined business processes associated with it. You can use this information as a starting point for finding a useful predefined process.