ASync MDN configuration for AS2

Typically external interactions with Global Mailbox occur through the global load balancer. The global load balancer then sends the requests to either of the data centers in the setup. The requests are split across data centers. However, with AS2 and ASync MDN, the MDN must be received by the data center that sent the AS2 message. The system must be properly configured to ensure that MDNs are received by the same data center that sent them.

Example of AS2 URL for ASync MDN

DC1 has an AS2 URL such as When DC1 sends an AS2 Message that expects an ASync MDN, the outbound AS2 Message must contain the URL so that the MDN is received in the same data center.

Configuring URLs

For the ASync MDN to be received in the correct DC, the endpoint URLs must be configured correctly.

The AS2 URL on which ASync MDN receipt is received, is configured as part of AS2 Trading Partner configuration at the sender side. As part of onboarding, the AS2 configuration is exported from one DC and imported into another. To use ASync MDN, after importing the AS2 configuration on the other DCs, the AS2 Trading Partner configuration must be updated to use DC-specific AS2 URLs.

The following image shows the scenario:

Figure 1. AS2 URL with ASync MDN
AS2 URL with ASync MDN

Failover scenario

An AS2 Message is sent from DC1 which expects an ASync MDN, and before the MDN is received, DC1 goes down. You must run the eventUtility script to resend the AS2 message from the failed DC to the surviving DC. The AS2 workflow is triggered from the surviving DC and the same AS2 Message that was sent from the failed DC is resent.

For more information, see eventUtility script.