IBM Partner Engagement Manager (PEM) integration with Sterling File Gateway

The IBM Partner Engagement Manager (PEM) cloud service integrates with Sterling File Gateway to form a hybrid cloud solution for onboarding trading partners.

With this solution, you can work with the IBM PEM portal and Sterling File Gateway to use hybrid cloud activities such as Partner self-service onboarding. During self-service onboarding, REST APIs are used to configure onboarding information from your partners in Sterling File Gateway. Your partners can also perform self-maintenance using these tools after onboarding to update their information as needed.

Important: PEM Integration with Sterling File Gateway requires a clustered environment and has specific stack requirements. For more information, and to get started with PEM Integration, see the online documentation: Getting Started with PEM Integration.
Important: B2B APIs and PEM components are part of Sterling B2B Integrator and are subject to the Sterling B2B Integrator license terms.