Customize the User Interface Display

The View menu enables you to customize the Graphical Process Modeler (GPM) display.

In the View menu, you can select certain options you want to display or hide. When these options have a check mark next to them, they display.

Note: The option selections differ depending on if you have a file open or not.
Options to display or hide are:
  • Source/Graph – Enables you to switch between the graphical representation and the BPML source code of a business process model on the workspace.
  • Toolbar – Displays or hides the toolbar containing shortcut command buttons.
  • Status Bar – Displays or hides the status bar across the bottom of the page.
  • Output – Opens and closes the Output pane, which displays error, validation, and system messages. This pane opens automatically when the GPM encounters an error during validation, even when you have not selected the option.
  • Navigation – Opens and closes the Navigation pane.
  • Stencil – Displays the menu that lists stencils. For information, see Stencils.
  • Auto Layout – Automatically aligns icons in the workspace.
  • Zoom – Enables you to change the magnification of a business process model view. Zoom sets the magnification to 50, 75, 100, 150, or 200 percent.
  • Grid – Enables you to select and displays dotted or line grid markers, or no grid markers. The grid points enable you to align icons on the workspace.