Pre-Upgrade Checks

You can run a pre-upgrade check when you upgrade Sterling B2B Integrator by using IIM. The pre-upgrade check reviews Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2 database environments prior to starting the upgrade.

This is an optional step during the upgrade and it looks for common upgrade errors. To run the pre-upgrade check, click Test for the Would you like to run upgrade pre-check? option when you run IIM to upgrade Sterling B2B Integrator.

You only need to run the pre-check for node 1 in a clustered environment.

The pre-upgrade checks ensure:
  • SI_VERSION table exists
  • Database character set is correct for Oracle and DB2
  • Schedule start times are not later than the end times
  • Passphrase entered matches the existing passphrase in the database
  • Database implementation for Oracle Long Raw and BLOB
  • User has permission to perform the upgrade
  • Collation settings are validated for MS SQL
  • OBJECT_NAME in table SCI_ENTITY is no longer than 100 characters
  • Default schema you identified during upgrade matches the existing database

If any of these items are not validated, the upgrade fails. You are provided with an error message and must correct the situations and then restart the upgrade.