Installing IBM MQ

A messaging queue is required for Sterling B2B Integrator if you are using adapter containers. IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator supports only IBM MQ (formerly IBM WebSphere MQ) as a messaging queue.

  • It is recommended that you install IBM MQ on a separate node.
  • Multi instance queue manager configuration of IBM MQ is supported.
    Note: For information on the supported version of IBM MQ, see Software Product Compatibility Report.
Important: Installation of IBM MQ is optional. However, while installing or upgrading Sterling B2B Integrator, if you have any adapter deployed on adapter container and it is configured to invoke a BP directly, then you must install IBM MQ and set the necessary properties before you create the adapter container. For example, HTTP Server Adapter (AS2) when deployed on adapter container requires IBM MQ for triggering the BP on ASI. For more details, refer to IBM MQ documentation.
After you install IBM MQ, configure the parameters for messaging queues:
  • If you are installing using IIM, you must set the messaging queue parameters in the customer_overrides properties. For more information, see Properties for messaging queues.

Where to find IBM MQ documentation?

Table 1. IBM MQ documentation
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