Date and Time Formats

The IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator interface uses various formats for date and time fields in the interface.

Some fields provide an example entry to guide you. The following figure shows one such field:

In some pages, the format for the date fields is not provided. If you are not sure, enter the date in the MM/DD/YYYY format. If the format you have used is incorrect, when you try to progress to the next step in the procedure or attempt to save the information, IBM Sterling B2B Integrator displays a system message with instructions about the required format.

Note: Your system administrator may have set up a custom format for Date and Time. If so, they can provide you with the necessary instructions.

Enter time values in the following HH:MM format. In search fields that contain boxes for entering both a calendar date and a time, if you enter a date, you must also enter the time and if you enter the time, you must also enter a date.