Basic Search for Business Process Instances

A basic search is one of three ways to search for business process instances.

  1. From the Administration menu, select Business Processes > Central Search.
  2. Specify any combination of the following search criteria, and then click Go!
    Business Process
    Display instances with names that contain the specified character or string.
    Display instances with a success, error, or either outcome.
    Search Inline Process Name
    Identifies business processes by the business process name. If you are running in inline mode, select Yes for Search Inline Process Name in the search options. If you are not running in inline mode, select No for Search Inline Process Name.
    Time range
    Display instances that are run within the specified Start Date and times, and End Date and time.
  3. Click the number link that indicates the number of matches in Sterling B2B Integrator. The Monitor page opens, listing the business process instances that match your search criteria.