Post-installation checklist: Cassandra and ZooKeeper

Use the installation checklist to validate Cassandra and ZooKeeper installation.

Table 1. Cassandra and ZooKeeper post-installation worksheet
List of items for Cassandra and ZooKeeper Your entry Comments
Verify the installation directory is created. The default directory is/root/IBM/GlobalMailbox    
Verify the installation directory has the following sub-directories:
  • /apache-cassandra
  • /MailboxUtilities
  • /zookeeper
Verify the myid fie is created in /<install_dir>/zookeeper/data directory.
Important: The myid file consists of a single line containing only the text of installed machine ID. For example, myid file of node 1 of ZooKeeper contains the 1 and nothing else. The ID must be unique within the ensemble and must have a value between 1 and 255.
Verify that zoo.cfg file is created under <install_dir>/zookeeper/conf and has correct details of the ZooKeeper nodes.    
Verify that cassandra.yaml and files are created in <install_dir>/apache-cassandra/conf and have correct details of the Cassandra nodes.    
Ensure that time is synchronized across Cassandra nodes, Sterling B2B Integrator nodes, Global Mailbox nodes, and ZooKeeper nodes. A difference of even 1 second might cause data integrity issues.