Testing a Business Process Model in Sterling B2B Integrator

Before running a new business process model or new version of a process model in your production environment, test it by manually running it, or configure it to run on a schedule.

If possible, test your business process in a test environment of Sterling B2B Integrator.

One testing method is to test the business process using sample input data by starting the business process manually.

Retest the business process until it is working as needed.

This process assumes that you have checked in and enabled the business process model that you are testing.

  1. From the Business Process menu, select Manager.
  2. Type all or part of the name for the business process you want to test into the Search box and click Go!.
  3. Next to the business process you want to test, click execution manager.
  4. On the Execution Manager page, ensure that the business process you want to run is enabled and set as the default version.
  5. Click execute to open the Execute Business Process Input page.
  6. Specify the following input parameters, as appropriate, and click Go!:
    Local Desktop filename
    Name of your client computer where the file is stored. If it is stored on the client computer, select a directory on your client computer where the file is stored. If the file is stored on the host computer, go to the UNIX command line and type the command to specify the directory where the file is saved. Optional.
    Note: If you use a 0 (zero) byte file as the primary input document on the Execute Business Process Input screen, the following message appears: File was not found or is empty, select another file. If the business process needs to be executed with a zero-byte file, use the File System adapter to get the file.
    Server filename
    Name of the host server for your client computer. Optional
    Encoding Type
    Character encoding for the business process. Optional. Valid values are:
    • [Not Applicable]
    • UTF-8 ISO-8859-1
    • ISO-8859-5
    • US-ASCII
    • ISO_8859-1
    • EUC-JP UTF-16
    • ISO-2022-JP
    Run As User
    Assume user-rights of another user in order to run this particular business process. The default user is Admin; therefore, if you do not change the user in this field, whomever runs this business process will have the same rights as an admin user. Optional.
    Input data is not required, click Go to continue.
    File the business process requires as input. Optional.

Sterling B2B Integrator runs the selected version of the business process and opens the Execute Business Process page.

After you initiate the process model, you can monitor the processing activities.