UI Branding in myFileGateway 2.0

You can customize the appearance of myFileGateway 2.0 user interface.

You can modify the following branding elements and change the default interface.
  • Logo - Change the default IBM logo to any other logo on the Login screen.
  • Color theme - Change the default blue color theme to any other color theme.
Note: You cannot rebrand the myFileGateway UI if they are deployed on a Certified Container platform.
To apply the above changes, you need to modify the BRAND_COLOR and LOGO variables in the app-prod-env-config.js file located in the following location:

Linux/Unix platform:

Windows platform:

Sample content of app-prod-env-config.js:
* Production API Environment and other configs
"use strict";
let base = "http://<ip>:<port>/gateway";
let brandColor = "#2d74da";//"#2d74da";
exports.B2BiURLConfig = {
       "BASE": base,
       "ENV": "PROD",
       "API": {
             "B2BAPIS": base + "/B2BAPIs/svc",
             "SFG_MGMT": base + "/sfgapis",
             "AUTH_API": base + "/b2bauthapi/jwt",
             "MYFILEGATEWAY": base + "/myfilegateway",
             "BRAND_COLOR": brandColor,
        "LOGO": "./assets/logo.svg",
        "CHUNK_SIZE": 4000000,
        "MAX_CONNECTIONS": 4


You can change the BRAND_COLOR and LOGO by changing respective variables as shown in bold in the above app-prod-env-config.js file.

The BRAND_COLOR variable takes HEX color code and the LOGO variable points to the image the system displays on the Login screen of myFileGateway 2.0.

Note: Make sure to use SVG image as the logo image.
Important: The above changes take effect only when you restart the Sterling B2B Integrator application.