Replaying routes in myFileGateway 2.0

You can replay a route and the entire process of uploading or downloading the file is replicated. After the replay is complete, a new record is created in the File transfer section of the File activity page. The option to replay a route is available based on the assigned permissions.

When you replay a route, the original route is displayed with a red exclamation mark in the Original file name column. When the replay is complete, the new record is displayed with a replay sign in the Original file name column.
Note: You cannot replay multiple routes in the myFileGateway 2.0 application.

To replay a route, complete the following steps.

  1. In myFileGateway 2.0, click File activity from the IBM myFileGateway menu.
  2. In the File activity page, select a route, and click Replay.
  3. Enter the file name and the comment in the Replay arrived file page.
    Note: You can provide the same file name as of the original file.
  4. Click Replay in the Replay arrived file page.