IBM Control Center

With IBM® Control Center V6.1 or later, you can monitor the status of Global Mailbox. For example, IBM Control Center can show you a down status of Global Mailbox if Global Mailbox stops sending events to it. You can configure IBM Control Center to monitor events based on your business needs.

IBM Control Center monitors the connections and availability of all components of the configured system across multiple data centers. IBM Control Center Web console dashboard monitors processes for Sterling B2B Integrator, Sterling File Gateway, and Global Mailbox. The alerts that are displayed in the Web console dashboard can be configured in Global Mailbox to meet your specific business requirements.

IBM Control Center provides enterprise-wide monitoring and management of Global Mailbox:
  • Monitors external systems (but not individual servers), such as Cassandra, ZooKeeper, replication, storage, and WebSphere® MQ.
  • Reports the health of processes within Global Mailbox, such as replication of payload, metadata, and events.
  • Tracks heartbeat events from WebSphere Application Server Liberty Core, to confirm that the server is available, and to display a list of components and connection information, such as host, port, data center, and file system path.
The Global Mailbox events that are monitored by IBM Control Center are set in the file and in the file. Configuration options for Global Mailbox when monitoring with IBM Control Center include:
  • Enable or disable individual monitored event categories
  • Enable or disable all monitored event categories
  • Set the frequency of monitored event checks