Loading the language pack translations

Prior to loading the Sterling B2B Integrator Language Pack factory defaults, be sure that you have successfully completed all instructions in the database chapter.

To load the language pack translation with custom localization literals:

  1. Navigate to the following directory:
    • For Windows: \<install_dir>\bin
    • For Unix/Linux: /<install_dir>/bin
    Note: If you are using Windows, you must run Command Prompt as an administrator.
  2. To run the LocalizedStringReconciler tool in the IMPORT mode, enter the following command:
    For Windows:
    ant.cmd -f localizedstringreconciler.xml import -Dsrc=<install_dir>\database\FactorySetup\XMLS
    For Unix/Linux:
    ./ant.sh -f localizedstringreconciler.xml import -Dsrc=/install_dir/database/FactorySetup/XMLS

    This tool first inserts the value specified in the <from_language>_<from_country>_ycplocalizedstrings_<to_language>_<to_country>.properties file present in the <install_dir>\database\FactorySetup\XMLS\<language>_<country> directory into the database.

    The basefilename refers to the file present in the \database\FactorySetup\XMLS directory, for which the translations are to be imported into the database.

  3. Verify that your locale settings such as currency, time format, and date are correct.