Recovering Errant Data

The messages in the error queue are written in XML format. The XML format provides information to determine the nature and source of the document containing the error. The error message contains information that enables the retrieval of document data; however, contents of the document are not stored in the message. The error message format is as below:

&lt?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 
&ltFifoError ErrorMessage="" ErrorType="" TaskId="" TaskQueueId=""
           TaskQueueKey="" Type="">
  &ltWorkFlowError PrimaryDocumentId="" WorkFlowContextId="" WorkFlowId=""
    &ltFifoInitializationBpReport AdvancedStatus="" BasicStatus="" 
     PrimaryDocumentId="" ServiceName="" WfdName="" WfdVersion="" 
     WorkFlowContextId="" WorkFlowId="">
          <PrimaryDocument SCIObjectID=""/>