Task: Create a WMQFTE User Map

WMQFTE User Maps in Sterling B2B Integrator define the relationship between users known to WebSphere® MQ File Transfer Edition and users known to Sterling B2B Integrator. By entering the MQMD User Id and mapping it to a Sterling B2B Integrator user ID and password, WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition users are authorized to transfer files to Sterling B2B Integrator. You contact the WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition administrator to get the MQMD User ID to enter in the WMQFTE User Map.

This task is performed on the Sterling B2B Integrator Admin Console.
  1. Select Deployment > Adapter Utilities > WMQFTE User Maps from the Administrator's Menu.
  2. Select Create a New Map Go!.
  3. Enter a name for the map and select Next.
  4. Click the + sign next to add a New Map Entry.
  5. On the Add WMQFTE User Map Entry page, enter the MQMD User ID, the Local User Name that you created on Sterling B2B Integrator and the password needed to access the mailbox. If you are using a regular expression for the MQMD User ID, check the "Is MQMD User ID a regular expression?" box.
  6. Select Finish.
  7. Select Return.