Sterling Gentran:Server for Windows Trading Partner Data Conversion

The Sterling Gentran:Server for Windows conversion utility converts trading partner document envelopes, control numbers, and code lists.

Use the appropriate conversion utility to convert your Sterling Gentran:Server for Windows trading partner data into the format that Sterling B2B Integrator can use. The utility you use depends on your operating system environment. If Sterling B2B Integrator is installed in:
  • An AIX/HP (UNIX) platform environment, execute the command from the install_dir/tp_import directory on the machine where Sterling B2B Integrator is installed.
  • A Windows environment, execute the winconvert.cmd command at the prompt in the install_dir\tp_import directory on the PC.

The trading partner conversion process converts cross-reference, location, and lookup table data. After conversion, this data is mapped differently in Sterling B2B Integrator. For information, see Trading Partner Cross-Reference, Location, and Lookup Table Conversion from Sterling Gentran:Server for Windows.

Note: The conversion utilities are product-specific. Do not use the convert.cmd or to convert Sterling Gentran:Server for Windows trading partner data.