Custom Jars

You can create, edit, or delete custom Jar files using Sterling B2B Integrator.

You can customize the Jar files using:

The custom Jar files are stored in a database, which ensures maintainability across releases. No backup is required during an upgrade.

For UI, the custom Jar files are uploaded and deployed on all the nodes, whereas for APIs, they are uploaded and deployed only on specific nodes.

You cannot delete the installed custom Jars. You can delete only the Jars in Installation Pending or Failed state.

Note: The custom Jar files that are saved is applicable to all the nodes in a cluster. For the custom Jar files to take effect, you must restart Sterling B2B Integrator . Upon restarting ASI or Adapter Container node, the following dynamic classpath files are updated with the respective <dynamic class path file name>.in files.
  • dynamicclasspath.cfg
  • APPDynamicclasspath.cfg
  • AGENTDynamicclasspath.cfg