Deploying myFileGateway 2.0 on ASI nodes

You can deploy myfg.war file on ASI nodes with a few changes before installing or upgrading Helm charts.

Perform these steps:
  1. Edit the values.yaml file.
    Open the respective ports in ASI frontend service by updating below attribute.
          - name: myfg-port
            port: 30038
            targetPort: 30038
            nodePort: 30038
            protocol: TCP
  2. Install or upgrade the Helm chart.
  3. Launch the Openshift web console and navigate to Networking > Routes. Search the route created for myfg, which is <release-name>-b2bi-asi-internal-route-myfg.
    • Open the myfg route.
    • Click YAML and change value of attribute Target Port to the named port which points to port configured in HTTP Server Adapter.
      In the above example it is “myfg-port”.
    • Add TLS information, if TLS is enabled while configuring HTTP Server adapter, else leave it as it is.
          termination: reencrypt
          destinationCACertificate: |
            <Certificate content>
          insecureEdgeTerminationPolicy: Redirect

      <Certificate content> is the content of the certificate. Certificate used in HTTP Server Adapter can be exported from Sterling B2B Integrator in BASE64 format.

    • Use the same myfg route to access the myFileGateway 2.0 application.