Deploying myFileGateway 2.0 on AC nodes

You can deploy myfg.war file on AC nodes with a few changes before installing or upgrading Helm charts.

Perform these steps:
  1. Edit the values.yaml file.
    Open the respective ports in AC frontend service by updating below attribute.
          - name: myfg-port
            port: 30038
            targetPort: 30038
            nodePort: 30038
            protocol: TCP
  2. Create extra paths in values.yaml for AC.
            - routePrefix: "myfg"
              path: "/myfg"
              servicePort: " myfg-port"
              enableHttps: <true or false based on SSL settings in Http Server Adapter>
  3. Install or upgrade the Helm chart.
  4. Launch the Openshift web console and navigate to Networking > Routes. Search the route created for myfg, which is <release-name>-b2bi-ac-internal-route-myfg.
  5. Use the same myfg route to access the myFileGateway 2.0 application.
Note: If you set enableHttps to true, then you must patch the route with the certificate used during HTTP Server Adapter configuration. You must execute the below command to patch OCP route with the Sterling B2B Integrator certificate used while configuring TLS for HTTP Server Adapter.

DEST_CABUNDLE_FN=/<path to cert>/ASISslCert.cer 
DESTCABUNDLE=$(awk '{printf "%s\\n", $0}' ${DEST_CABUNDLE_FN})
oc patch route <name of route> -p '{"spec":{"tls":{"certificate":"'"${CERTIFICATE}"'", 
"key":"'"${KEY}"'" ,"caCertificate":"'"${CABUNDLE}"'",