High availability of nodes

High availability reduces or eliminates system downtime during operations, upgrades, and planned and unplanned outages.

High availability helps you avoid or minimize the downtime when a part of the system stops running by shifting work to another part of the system. In this scenario, the rest of the system can continue processing while the failed component recovers.

Note: This feature is supported both on Windows and Linux/Unix cluster environments.

UDP was the default communication protocol for property_string and lock_protocolStack and TCP for distribution_property_string in jgroup_cluster.properties file in Sterling B2B Integrator.

To enable high availability of nodes, the default protocol is changed to TCP and the strings will be formed dynamically without any user intervention.

A dynamic property string, dynamic.cluster.enable, is added to the jgroup_cluster.properties file.

If dynamic.cluster.enable is set to true, dynamic.cluster.property_string, dynamic.cluster.distribution_property_string and dynamic.cluster.lock_protocolStack in the jgroups_cluster.properties file will be used. Else, the strings without dynamic clustering will be used.

For more information, see JGroup properties.

  • For a new installation, the dynamic.cluster.enable flag is set to true, by default.
  • For an upgrade installation, the dynamic.cluster.enable flag is set to false, by default. If you want to enable the High Availability feature, you must set the flag to true in the custom_overrides file.
  • Before you upgrade, you need to remove the customer_override.properties for JGroup. Any customer override for property_string, distributed_property_string, lock.protocolStack, dynamic.cluster.property_string, dynamic.cluster.distribution_property_string, dynamic.cluster.lock.protocolStack should be changed from plain text to XML format. You can refer to the default value in the customization UI jgroups_cluster property key. The customer overrides must be available in the customization UI (DB) for these properties.