Downloading installation items from Passport Advantage

Use the Passport Advantage web site to download installation items of version, release, and modification releases.

On Passport Advantage, each product is available as a stand-alone eAssembly or package. All compatible components that are required to install a product are bundled in an eAssembly.

Each product is available on Passport Advantage as an eAssembly. An eAssembly contains the components that are required to install a product. In the following figure, the eAssembly of a product is displayed in bold and one of the components is highlighted to show the distinction.

Though downloading individual components is possible, downloading a complete eAssembly provides all compatible components. If you have the latest version of one of the components already, it is best to check whether it is compatible to work with Sterling B2B Integrator.

To download the installation items from the Passport Advantage site, complete the following steps:

  1. Log on to the Passport Advantage web site by using your IBM ID or Passport Advantage ID.
  2. Click Software Download & Media Access.

    You can search for the software either Product Name or by Part number.

  3. To search by Product name, go to Find by search text and enter the Product name.

    The search results are displayed.

    Click Show Filter Options to further filter the results. You can filter by operating system, language, and date.

    You can also sort the results

  4. To search by Part number, go to Find by Part number, enter the Part number.

    To find the part number for the product software, see the Download Doc.

  5. Select the version of the product that you want to download.
  6. Select I agree to accept the terms and conditions.
  7. Click Download now.