Why Is Linkage Information Between Parent and Subprocess Lost?

If your database has an isolation level setting, and the setting has the standard default value of Read Uncommitted, there is a possibility that you may lose linkage information (although no data is lost).

In certain circumstances you may find that linkage information between a parent process and subprocess is lost. Specifically, if the following scenario occurs:

  • A service or adapter is within a multiple step transaction, or the business process' Enable Transaction option is enabled
  • The bootstrap adapter or parent process initiates a subprocess that has a persistence setting of Error Only
  • The bootstrap adapter step, parent business process, or subprocess fails

Normally, Sterling B2B Integrator saves linkage information, but when the persistence setting is Error Only, no data is persisted unless and until an error occurs. Therefore, if the bootstrap step in this scenario encounters an error before the subprocess does, and the parent process is persisting data, the linkage information will be lost.

To prevent this loss of linkage information, set the database isolation level to Read Committed.