WebSphere MQ Suite and Adapter Functionality Comparison

The WebSphere MQ Suite is a group of services that provide maximum flexibility and functionality by enabling you to script a complete MQ session using a business process. The suite also includes an adapter that you can use for asynchronous receiving - the WebSphere MQ Async Receiver adapter.

The following table contains a comparison of the original WebSphere MQ adapter and the WebSphere MQ Suite of services:

Function WebSphere MQ Suite WebSphere MQ Adapter
Reuse The eight default services can access multiple MQ Queue Managers or MQ Queue combinations – you do not have to create new configurations of each service for different MQ Queue Managers or MQ Queue combinations. Requires a separate adapter configuration for one MQ Queue Manager and one MQ Queue combination.
Control over the process Enables you to determine exactly how and when each operation should be performed and can work with multiple MQ Queues and/or MQ Queue Managers within one SyncPoint operation Runs entire session in one invocation call from the business process. It connects to the configured MQ Queue Manager and MQ Queue (or re-uses an existing connection from the pool), sends or receives messages, and performs the commit or backout as appropriate.
Browsing capability? (getting messages without removing them from the queue) Yes No
Batch mode support Supports enhanced batch mode functionality for both sending and receiving, including in AsyncRcv mode. Limited batch mode support (sending multiple workflow documents in one call), for Send operations only.