File Gateway Listening Producer Service

The File Gateway Listening Producer service is used by Trading Partners (producers) to listen to the FTP server for file communication, which requires the use of the Trading Partner Services API.

To implement Listening Producer for a Trading Partner, you must configure several additional fields in the trading partner's record. These fields, however, can only be updated using the Trading Partner Services REST API. You cannot edit the Listening Producer fields in the Trading Partner record using the File Gateway UI.

You can use the Trading Partner Services API to create new trading partners,including Listening Producer trading partners, or update an existing trading partner with the Listening Producer fields.

The API is available using the Web Service Browser > Interactive Console tab. The following table shows the fields, in addition to the Trading Partner fields, that must be used in order to configure Listening Producer service.

Field Description
isListeningProducer Whether the Trading Partner is a Listening Producer.
remoteFilePattern The name or pattern of the remote file(s) a Listening Producer should pull from the remote server. This field is required for C:D and must be a full path to file.
Note: remoteFilePattern supports wild cards for FTP and SFTP protocols. FTP can contain multiple wild cards whereas SFTP can only contain one.
producerFtpConfiguration Fields for a Listening Producer using FTP.
producerCdConfiguration Fields for a Listening Producer using a remote Connect:Direct node.
producerFtpsConfiguration Fields for a Listening Producer using FTPS.
producerSshConfiguration Fields for a Listening Producer using SSH.
mailbox SFG mailbox for a Listening Producer to put file(s) into from the remote server. If none is provided it is defaulted to /<trading partner name>.
pollingInterval How often (in minutes) a Listening Producer should check the remote server for file(s).

For the producer protocol configuration (required), you can provide FTP, FTPS, SSH, or Connect:Direct information, including host, port, and directory. You must also add a polling interval (how often the system should reach out to the remote server), as well as a mailbox to drop the files into (this defaults to /<trading partner name>).

For a complete list of the Trading Partner Services API fields and descriptions, see the Web Service Browser > API Reference tab.