Maintain a Web Resource Version History

Sterling B2B Integrator maintains versions of your Web resources. A version is an edited copy of a Web resource. Each time a Web resource is checked out and then checked in, a new version is created, but the original Web resource remains intact for future use.

A Web resource version is designated by the description in the Comments field when you check in a Web resource. You can provide a unique and meaningful description as it is the basis for maintaining the version for that Web resource. Doing this makes it easier to quickly choose the resource you need. In addition, Sterling B2B Integrator adds a date and time stamp to each version that can be used for version identification.

To maintain Web resource version:

  1. From the Deployment menu, select Web Extensions > Web Resources.
  2. On The Web Resources page, under Search, next to Resource Name, enter the Web resource name to check out and click Go!

    You can also locate the Web resource by using the List option.

    For more information about searching Web resources, see Search and Delete a Web Resource.

  3. On The Web Resource Management page, click version manager next to the Web resource you want to review.
  4. On The Web Resource Version Manager page, select the Default radio button for the version you want to set as the default resource. The business processes will use the default version of the Web resource.
  5. Click Save. Your changes are applied to the Web resources in the database and you will get the following message: Resource status has been successfully updated